Making Love Naturally.  No hands. 

This is for women who do not want to make love and have not the least foggiest notion of what to do about it.  Many women and marriages suffer from this.

As young women we start off gung-ho, full of love and passion.  We wait for the man to satisfy us and nothing happens.  After a year or so of expecting satisfaction during love making and just left up in the air, all excited, high and dry, our bodies say,


It does not want to be built up to excitment and just left hanging there in mid air.  This is a terrible feeling.

They call this condition frigid.  Refusing the love advances of our husband, refusing to go through the act.  Who wants to be excited and then left frustrated again.  the husband is going too fast and the gal often does not even have good feelings inside.  She does not know the feeling.  The clit obliderates it.

A woman needs to feel release on the inside of her vagina, a vaginal orgasm.  Once she finds that feeling she will want to make love.  And the husband wants to help her, he does not want to be shut off.  He wants to know what the matter is.  Can you imagine his anguish at not being able to satisfy her and not knowing why NOT?  He love’s her.  He wants to help, too.

So, for frigidity in women, click below for the cure.

by “Miss Judy”